Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hello World.

When He showed up that night I blacked out immediately and all I could see were these intensely vivid images in my head of some kind of ritual going on.  There were members of the Flock in these images and they were standing in a circle around a table, and on the table was a person.  I couldn’t tell who it was, they seemed to be heavily drugged or something because their movements were very slow and they seemed to be unaware of almost everything around them.  I saw two of the members lighting what looked to me like a sage bundle and they were waving it all around the person on the table.  I could hear a humming noise, like they were all chanting something but it was too muffled to make out anything.  All of a sudden the muffled chants grew louder and one of the Flock members, obviously the Lesser Scarecrow, stepped forward with a knife and raised it above the person on the table who was still drugged but seemed to be aware of what was happening.  Still too weak to do anything they could only wave their arms slightly at the one with the dagger before it plunged into their gut.  That’s when I came to and saw that I had been coughing up blood and some strange black liquid with it. 
I think this ritual that I saw has something to do with getting the Flock to this ‘other world’ that the Tall One comes from….but for now I’m stuck trying to figure out who the sacrifice was, and if the ritual was successful in getting those members to the world they so desperately crave.

Hopefully I can figure this out before things get too out of hand.


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  1. Hi, Willow! Its been a while since we've heard from you. Is everything all right?